Father is Best Friends with Dog after saying He Didn’t Want A Dog

Three months after saying he didn’t want a dog, this dad is now best friends with him

Three months ago the 65-year old father of Vinicius Carleto said that he did not want a dog. He was adamant about not having a pet in his house. “I don’t want a dog.” was his famous statement. But three months after relenting and letting his family get a pet, this dad is now best friends with the canine. In fact, they even have pictures wearing matching shirts together.

Vinicius Carleto with Pitoco the dog

Vinicius Carleto’s 65-year-old father told him “I don’t want a dog in the house” after Vin suggested that they adopt a rescue dog from the local animal shelter. But once Carleto got his mother to go with the idea, his father eventually agreed to get a pet. They went to the shelter and chose a brown dog mix and named him Pitoco.


Carleto’s dad and Pitoco wearing matching t-shirts

“He accepted Pitoco, but didn’t think much of him,” Carleto said. But then three months after welcoming Pitoco into the family, Carleto’s dad has a different stance about having a dog in the house. He is now best friends with the Pitoco. They spend most of their time together because they are always home. In fact, they even have t-shirts with a picture of each other printed on the front. Carleto snapped a photo of the two BFF’s wearing the shirts. Carleto said his father used to be stressed all the time and acted like a grumpy old man, but all that changed when they got Pitoco.

“It seems dogs understand how we are feeling,” Carleto added. “And their companionship allows us to escape the daily stresses of life. That’s a very important thing.”

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Father is Best Friends with Dog after saying He Didn’t Want A Dog

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