Firefighter Adopts Dog He Found in Mountains During Wildfires

Utah firefighter adopts dog he found while fighting fires in California

A firefighter in Utah adopted a dog that he found while fighting the wildfires in Mendocino, California. He was one of the five members of the Draper Fire Department that were deployed to California to help with the largest wildfires in the history of the state. It was during one of the firefights that he found a dog that he eventually adopted.


Firefighter Patrick Cullen and the dog he found fighting fires

While fighting the fire on a mountain, firefighter Patrick Cullen spotted a creature. At first he thought that it was a mountain lion because of the yellow eyes, but it turned out to be a German Shepherd. The dog was dehydrated and very thirsty. Cullen got the canine water and took it with him down the mountain. The dog slept under the fire truck all night. The firefighter crew took him to Mendocino County Animal Shelter the next day.

But Cullen couldn’t help but think about the dog, even after they dropped him off. The next day, he checked to see if the shelter found his owners and when they didn’t he asked about adopting the dog himself. He called the dog Mendo, after the fire that had brought them together.


Cullen called the dog “Mendo” after the Mendocino fires that brought them together

“The dog was happy to see Patrick, and he ran around in happy circles,” the Draper City Fire Department wrote on a Facebook post. “Mendo we are happy to say that Draper is now your home. What a beautiful, friendly and affectionate dog. Congrats, Patrick and family on the newest member of your family!”

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Firefighter Adopts Dog He Found in Mountains During Wildfires

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