Firefighters Asked to Help High Pet Raccoon

Firefighters in Indiana woken up in the middle of the night to rescue stoned pet raccoon.

Firefighters in Indiana were alerted to an unusual emergency earlier this week. They were woken up in the middle of the night by a woman who had a pet in trouble. It seems her pet raccoon was too stoned to move. The firefighters at the Wayne Township in Indiana described how the station was shocked when they heard their doorbell repeatedly ring around 2 a.m. in the morning. What they found was a woman who asked for medical attention for her pet raccoon that was exposed to too much marijuana.


A pet racoon had taken in too much marijuana

“Yes! It happened!” the Wayne Township Fire Department wrote on their official social media page. “And as much as we love animals, there wasn’t much we could do. We do appreciate that our citizens turn to us in their toughest moments for help. We hope in time the raccoon made a full recovery. Sorry we couldn’t do more.”

“The firefighters could tell that the raccoon was lethargic and met all of those symptoms that we typically run into when someone’s been exposed to marijuana. It really left the guys scratching their heads that someone brought a raccoon to the firehouse at 2 a.m. seeking help, and especially with the condition the animal was in.”


The high raccoon was taken home to sleep it off

According to the fire station, after the raccoon was declared to be healthy and safe, it was eventually taken home by its owner so it could sleep off the symptoms. It still wasn’t clear where the marijuana came from, but the firefighters didn’t pressure the woman and focused on saving the life of the raccoon.

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Firefighters Asked to Help High Pet Raccoon

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