Firefighters Rescue Kitten From House Fire

A kitten is rescued from a burning house and given oxygen

There is the age old superstition that cats have nine lives. This may have something to do with the fact that cats are very agile and lithe creatures, and they also seem to always land on their feet. But this Florida kitten may have used up all up all of her nine lives when she was caught inside a house fire. Thankfully she was rescued by the firefighters that responded to the fire.


Firefighters giving oxygen to the cat

The Palm Bay fire department responded to a call about a house that was on fire last weekend. They were able to control the fire and rescue the inhabitants of the house. Among those rescued were a woman and a small kitten. When the kitten was rescued, she was slow and cathartic. Fire fighters had to place an oxygen mask on the small feline to revive her. Thankfully, she responded well to the oxygen.


The cat was rescued from a house fire

The video of the kitten being rescued by the firefighters was captured and shared on social media. Pictures of the small cat wearing an oxygen mask and being treated by firefighters have be shared and liked several times, and the story of the daring rescue has since gone viral. The firefighters from the Palm Bay fire department are being praised for their heroics and compassion, even for such a small creature.

The woman that was rescued from the same burning house was taken to a hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. Both the woman and the cat are doing better and they are both expected to make a full recovery.

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Firefighters Rescue Kitten From House Fire

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