First Lady of Brazil saves Dog From Lake

Brazil's First Lady Marcela Temer rescued dog from lake

Earlier this week, the first lady of Brazil, Marcela Temer, threw herself fully clothed into a lake to save her dog from drowning. Marcela Temer jumped into the water at the presidential palace in Brasilia to rescue her dog, a Jack Russell terrier named Picoly. Presidential officials revealed the news and said that both the first lady and her dog were unharmed.


Brazil’s First Family pets: Thor and Picoly

According to the reports, Mrs. Temer was walking in the gardens with her son, Michelzinho, when she saw her dog in distress in the lake. Despite being fully clothed, the first lady rushed into the water to save her dog.  The presidential news also said that the security agent that had refused to help rescue the dog from the water was immediately dismissed from their post.


First Lady Marcela Temer interrupted in a meeting by Thor

Apparently, Picoly had taken an interest in the water and dove in the lake, but he could not return to shore and he was starting to drown. Luckily, the first lady was nearby. Brazil’s President, Michel Temer, and his family currently have two dogs, Picoly the terrier and a golden retriever named Thor. Thor has been known to show up during the first lady’s meetings in the past. President Temer was a former lawyer and politician and serves as the 37th President of Brazil.

Although the First Lady’s rescue was a heroic act, the British animal welfare charity the RSPCA says it is not advisable for people to endanger their lives trying to rescue an animal from water. It is advised to seek help from professional rescue workers instead.

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First Lady of Brazil saves Dog From Lake

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