Flight Crew Rescues Dog with Oxygen Mask

Flight crew helps a dog in trouble by giving it oxygen.

A 3-year old French Bulldog named Darcy was on a flight from Massachusetts to Florida when she started to show signs of distress. According to her owner, Michele Burt, the dog was not looking very good and she as not acting like herself. Soon the bulldog’s tongue started to turn blue and the canine was having trouble breathing.


Darcy getting oxygen

“We all are affected by cabin pressure and oxygen fluctuations, human, canine and feline, etc., but the fact that the Attendants were responsive and attentive to the situation may have saved Darcy’s life,” Burt wrote on social media. Thankfully, the flight crew at hand was there to help Darcy. They treated the dog for hypoxia or lack of oxygen and gave her an oxygen mask to elevate her oxygen levels.

“I placed the mask over her face, and within a few minutes she became alert and after a short time she didn’t want the mask,” Michele said. “I believe [crew members] Renaud and Diane saved a life, some may reduce the value of the life because Darcy is a canine, I do not.”


One of the flight attendants with Darcy

“I was passing through the cabin to check up on a passenger, and I noticed [another] passenger, who had the dog out of her crate and the dog had an indication that it wasn’t looking too well. … And I believe the dog passed out,” said crew member Renaud Fenster “The dog started panting very rapidly and uncontrollably, and so as a French bulldog owner myself, I knew the dog was overheating and needed some ice. I brought the dog some ice, and that didn’t do anything.” Luckily the other flight attendant knew to give the dog the oxygen mask and treat her for hypoxia.

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Flight Crew Rescues Dog with Oxygen Mask

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