Groomer Recreates Nativity Scene with Dogs

Dog groomer makes nativity scene with her dogs and a few towels.

A dog groomer decided to recreate one of the most famous Christmas scenes. But instead of using the usual means of recreating it, this woman did it with the use of her pet dogs instead of figurines. The scene recreated was the nativity scene with the baby Jesus during his birth at the manger. She used several of her dogs to recreate among the most important scenes in the story.


Bella, Daisy, Raffi, Barney, Buddy and Frankie at the nativity scene.

A dog groomer named Jo Kingston wanted to do something special for her nativity scene. Kingston owns Wags to Riches Pet Services with her husband Toby of Leicestershire in England. Instead of using figures or figurines, she used six of her dogs wearing towels as robes and costumes in a barn. Finally, she used one of the smallest and cutest puppies as the baby Jesus.


Frankie as the baby Jesus.

“I decided to stage the photo just for a bit of fun to bring Christmas cheer,” said Kingston. Her dogs were Bella, Daisy, Raffi, Barney, Buddy and Frankie. She explained that while most of her puppies were well behaved, she had to use some treats to make sure that some of them would sit still for a few moments. In those quick moments that they kept still, she had to take the picture quickly. The photo was shared on social media, where it quickly went viral.

The nativity scene is one of the most commonly recreated scenes during the Christmas season. The scene usually has the baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary, as well as the visiting three kings or three wise men. They are usually recreated in a manger with several barn animals.

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Groomer Recreates Nativity Scene with Dogs

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