Harvey Survivor Puppy Takes First Steps after Rescue

Puppy injured in Hurricane Harvey takes her first few steps in the road to recovery.

Maddie is a Labrador that got injured when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. The 7-month old puppy was one of 200 dogs that were rescued from the shelters in Texas and Tennessee. Now Maddie could be seen taking her first few steps with the help of a harness. The feat is considered a miracle considering how close Maddie was from being euthanized.


Maddie , the Labrador got injured when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas

When Maddie was discovered, she had several of her knee caps dislocated out of her joints. She required $8,000 worth of surgery to have it corrected. Thankfully a Good Samaritan was able to donate the money needed for the surgery. The funding came from Dr. Diane Craig, a veterinarian in Tustin, California. According to Craig, Maddie was scheduled to be put to sleep because her chances of being adopted and getting the necessary surgery were pretty slim.


Maddie takes her first steps with the help of a harness.

But thanks to the procedure and the help of harnesses and cords, Maddie was finally able to walk again. The first steps of Maddie’s recovery were captured by the media and spread online. The vets say that Maddie will make a full recovery. Craig also added that many of the dogs that were rescued are also on their way to being adopted.

“It’s all a happy ending,” said Dr. Craig about Maddie and the rescue dogs, “They were going to euthanize her because she had orthopedic issues, so I said, ‘We’ll take her.’ Every day, something great happens to these dogs. They’re finding homes and they’re finding great fosters. They’re just full of love.”

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Harvey Survivor Puppy Takes First Steps after Rescue

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