Kitten Born with Six Legs

Henrietta the kitten is born with two extra legs

Earlier this week, a story was reported about a kitten that was born with six legs. The cat was born with a very rare condition called polymelia, which means that the cat has an extra pair of legs. This condition has been known to occur in other animals, and even humans. The most probably cause is that the kitten had a conjoined twin in her mother’s womb.


Volunteer Pat Dryden holding up Henrietta

The kitten is currently under the care of a cat rescue charity, Feline Friends. The cat, named Henrietta, is waiting for an operation that would remove her extra limbs so she can live a full and happy life. According to volunteer Pat Dryden, they first thought that the kitten had skin tags. But then they grew longer and developed muscles and bones and soon they realized that it was extra limbs. The condition is so rare that there has never been a recorded case in the UK.

“We looked on the internet and found that it could be due to having a conjoined twin. We thought this also might explain why she’s a female tabby, which is quite rare in itself. She is doing very well for the moment but we worry that over time, as these strange legs grow, they will impinge on her movement and quality of life. We are now raising money for an operation to have them removed.” said Dryden.


Henrietta has extra legs growing

“Part of her treatment will involve an X-ray to make sure it is safe to perform the operation as they see how the legs are attached to her skeleton. Extra legs aside, Henrietta looks a picture of health. She is full of energy and loves a cuddle and a play.”

To donate, you can visit Henrietta’s Go Fund Me page at

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Kitten Born with Six Legs

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