Kitten Joins the Police Department

Cute kitten joins the ranks of the police department in Michigan.

The police department in Michigan welcomed its newest member; a kitten. The new officer had to go through a rigorous process to be able to join the ranks of the Police force. The kitten was competing with four other kittens to be part of the Troy Police Department in Michigan. Eventually the right feline for the position was chosen for the important post.


The newest member of the Troy Police Department in Michigan

The Troy Police Department is located near Detroit in Michigan. Last week, it had auditioned five kittens from the Michigan Humane Society to be part of the police department. The cat will be sued for therapeutic purposes and to also make public appearances. Some studies have shown that giving a traumatized person a pet like a dog or a cat could help soothe their trauma and help them calm down.


The kitten beat out four other candidates for the spot in the police force

A spokesperson for the police department, Sgt. Meghan Lehman says that apart from adding another dedicated member to the police force, the department wanted to promote pet adoptions from the local animal shelters as well. A name hasn’t been chosen for the new feline police officer, but the department is planning to hold a Twitter vote to determine the name of the kitten.

The Troy Police department said earlier that they would hire a cat for their police department if they reached 10,000 follows by April of this year. They had 4,000 followers at the time. It took them just 8 days to reach that mark, prompting the search for the (and cutest) newest police officer in Troy.

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Kitten Joins the Police Department

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