Left Behind Cat Rescued After Hiding in Airport For More Than a Week

Rogue cat finally rescued after hiding out in New York airport for a week

Earlier this week, a cat escaped from her carrier at the New York Airport. The cat was a 4-year old brown tabby cat named Pepper. She was traveling with her owner, who was moving from New Jersey to China, when she escaped from her pet carrier cage. The cat hid around the airport for more than a week before she was rescued.


Pepper the tabby cat

“This is my friend’s cat Pepper. She’s four years old and has microchip in her. Please inbox me or the airport officials if you ever see her. All leads are greatly appreciated! We miss her so much. Here’s a recent picture of her.” said Nuan Lang, a friend of the owner, on social media. Apparently, while the cat’s owner was checking into her plane, Pepper’s carrier fell and opened. Pepper got spooked and ran out into the structures of John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 4.


Pepper finally captured after hiding out in the airport for weeks

Over the past week, people have spotted the tabby cat all over the airport, but always from a distance. It seems the cat would be walking around the terminal searching for food. The local news even called her the airport’s phantom cat, after the Port Authority police shared a picture with her eyes glowing. Several people have since tweeted pictures of the cat spotted all over the airport.

Police were putting out traps baited with food but they were unsuccessful until last Saturday, when they were finally able to capture the elusive feline. Lang would be taking care of the cat until her owner returned from her trip to China.

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Left Behind Cat Rescued After Hiding in Airport For More Than a Week

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