Man Drives Around with Car Full of Food to Feed Stray Animals

Man in Turkey drives around and feeds thousands of stray animals each day.

The country of Turkey has always had a problem with stray dogs. According to a recent report, the city of Istanbul, with a population of 11.3 million people, has at least 150,000 free-roaming dogs. And while most of the people in the city just tend to ignore or not think about this problem, there are those that try their best to take care of these animals.


Erkhan Sahin feeding a pack of stray dogs

One of these people is Erkhan Sahin. Sahin spends most of his day driving around the city with a trunk full of food so that he can feed hungry stray animals. He does this everyday and he uses his own time and money to feed these dogs. Sahin does have an Instagram page called Sokaklarin Sesi, which means “Voice of the Streets”. In this account, he posts videos and photos of all the dogs and strays that he feeds.


Sahin drives around everyday with sacks of food in his truck

It is also through this account that people have found a way to donate some money to him through his Paypal account. It is not a lot of money but every donation helps out in his cause. Sahin not only feeds these animals, but he also takes care of them. When he sees a dog that needs medical attention, he tries to befriend the canine so that he can carry it to his car and bring it to a vet or a clinic to get treated. And while most of his posts are taking care of the stray dogs, Sahin takes care of all strays including cats.

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Man Drives Around with Car Full of Food to Feed Stray Animals

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