Man Takes Panoramic Picture of His Dog and The Internet Reacts to the Hilarious Result

Man messes up taking a panoramic picture of his dog and the internet reacts to the funny image.

Earlier this week, a twitter user named bulletsmikey shared a creepy picture of a giant two legged creature with messy black fur. The creature turns out to be his 2-year old border collie named Reggie. It seems that Reggie was in his shot while he was taking a panoramic shot. Of course, Reggie decided that he did not want to sit still and so his image on the panoramic shot was distorted and hilarious. The post of the disfigured photo has since gone viral; with many people laughing at the unintended photo of Reggie.


Panoramic shot of Reggie the dog

Panoramic photos can be helpful when taking shots at landscapes and wide angle shots. But the catch here is that everything should be still and not moving. If not, people, and in this case, even animals, can seem deformed with missing limbs, multiple heads, stretched out faces and other hilarious features. That was the case when this twitter use attempted to take a picture of his dog Reggie.


Gru’s pet Kyle in “Despicable Me”

“I regret trying to take a cute panorama of my dog,” tweeted bulletsmikety along with the photo of the dog. The photo immediately went viral with several people finding the shot hilarious, and others finding the image of a distorted dog a little unsettling. One of the most hilarious comments has been the comparison of Reggie to Kyle the pet dog of Gru in the animated film “Despicable Me”.

What Reggie really looks like

Twitter user bulletsmikey later posted a few pictures of what Reggie really looks like and said “For reference, Reggie is usually a very long-necked amigo.”

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Man Takes Panoramic Picture of His Dog and The Internet Reacts to the Hilarious Result

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