Maverick the Trucker Cat with His Sidekick Goose

This cat that travels all over the United States in a truck

Meet Maverick the cat. Maverick is a trucker cat that travels all over the US with his sidekick, Goose. Goose is actually doing all the work as a semi-truck driver. He drives his truck all over the country with his wife, Cali, and their cat, Maverick. But to Maverick, Goose is just his companion that he decided to bring along as he travels.


Maverick on the open road

Maverick the cat joined the couple when he was rescued from an animal shelter in Mississippi. According to Goose, the feline took naturally to riding in trucks. He didn’t complain or whine, even after spending hours inside the cab of Goose’s truck. And it’s not a bad way to spend the day. Maverick has a cozy bed, several toys, and a great view of the country just outside the truck window.


Maverick lives a good life as a “trucker cat”

Goose shares pictures and videos of his “trucker cat” Maverick on Instagram. The account has garnered close to 2,000 followers, and many of them are invested in the adventures of Maverick. Several of the accounts followers say that the videos of Maverick can be very calming and therapeutic. The amazing places that Goose and Maverick get to visit are also featured on the account.

And just because Maverick is a trucker cat, it does not mean that he spends all his time inside the truck. Goose says that even though Maverick has a lot of room to roam inside the cab, he goes for walks every day. In fact, Goose has even trained the feline to walk with him on a leash.

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Maverick the Trucker Cat with His Sidekick Goose

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