Meet the Dog who is Best Friends with a Magpie

This dog and a bird are best of friends

Meet Boo, a whippet who is best friends with a Magpie named mike. These two unlikely friends do almost everything together in Lancashire. They play together, walk together, and even sleep in the same bed. The bond between the two animals started four months ago when a distressed bird was found by Boo. It seems that the bird, Mike, had fallen out of his nest from above.


Boo the dog and Mike the bird

Boo’s owner, Steve Rostron was with Boo when he found the bird. He was worried that the bird might survive so they took the bird home where Janine MacLean, Rostron’s partner, nursed the bird back to health. But when it was time to get Mike back in the wild, he didn’t want to go. The bird preferred to say with the dog instead. Since then, the two have been inseparable. The bird would accompany Boo and Steve during walks and they would sit together to watch television.


Boo is a whippet and Mike is a Magpie and the two are inseparable.

“It’s a bizarre but wonderful friendship.” Said MacLean, “When Steve brought Mike home I didn’t think he’d make it through the night, he was so tiny. He was really struggling. He must have fallen out of a tree as he couldn’t have been older than two weeks, he had virtually no feathers.”

“We fed him with a syringe for weeks and weeks until he started to regain strength and bond with us and Boo, once he realized that Boo was a big friendly giant. It wasn’t long before the pair became firm friends and now Mike is a permanent member of the family.” added Maclean.

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Meet the Dog who is Best Friends with a Magpie

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