Meet The World’s First Ice Skating Dog

World's first ice skating dog is making the most of his second chance in life

5-year old Benny has been learning to skate for almost a year now. His owner, 56-year old Cheryl Del Sangro took him along during a practice session, and he seemed to want to try out. Since then, Benny has been slowly learning how to ice skate. Benny is now able to move across the ice on his own skates. And he even has enough skill to skate with a hockey stick and even pick up pucks.


Benny the dog in his specially made ice skates

It’s been quite a journey for Benny and Cheryl. It all started when Cheryl rescued the dog from death row at a local animal shelter. After settling the dog at home, Cheryl started to bring the dog with her as she coached ice skating, and that’s when he took to the sport. Benny was outfitted with his own special ice boots with attaching ice skating blades. Benny is now able to perform tricks such as turns, crossovers, and bunny hops.

Cheryl has since shared the many tricks and moves of Benny through videos on social media. One clip has garnered more than 30,000 views on Facebook.


Benny with a hockey stick

“From day one, I couldn’t believe how anyone could not want this dog.” said Cheryl, “He was absolutely perfect. We had this bond from the first day. He’s the happiest dog, and he loves learning new tricks. Now, you can’t keep him off the ice. He just keeps getting better and better. You can’t help but smile when you see it. We’ve looked into it and we can’t find any other dogs that can skate.”

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Meet The World’s First Ice Skating Dog

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