Miracle Dog Wakes Up Owner from Coma

Teddy barks and wakes up his owner from a medically induced coma.

Andy Szasz has always had a strong bond his with dog Teddy. Szasz had adopted the 4-year old schnauzer mix from the RSPCA. Since then, the pair have been inseparable. Not only did Szasz save the life of Teddy, but Teddy was also one of the biggest reasons why Szasz was able to survive bowel cancer. And this wouldn’t be the last time that the dog played a critical role in saving his owner Andy.


Back in December, Andy had suffered a serious bout of pneumonia.  He had a hard time breathing and his family had to check him into the intensive care unit at the hospital in Southampton, England. After a few days in the ICU, his doctors decided to put him under a coma for medical treatment. The treatment went well and the doctors anticipated that Andy would wake up after a few days.


While waiting for Andy to recover, his wife Estelle brought in Teddy to say hello to the sleeping Andy. But after hearing his dog bark, Andy miraculously opened his eyes to greet him. Szasz had woken up a full three days before he was expected to. Since then, Teddy was honored with a special award from the RSPCA of the United Kingdom.

“I always tell people I rescued Ted and Ted rescued me,” said Szasz, “We certainly do have a special bond.” Andy has since fully recovered from his pneumonia and is back in home, where he can spend the rest of his years with his family, and his miracle dog, Teddy.

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Miracle Dog Wakes Up Owner from Coma

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