Missing Cat Returned Home After 13 Years

Cat finds its way home after going missing for 13 years

Earlier this week, a missing cat finally found its way back home after being gone for 13 years. The tabby cat named Boo went missing from her home in Harrowgate, West Yorkshire in 2005. At the time, the cat was only four years old. Her owner, Janet Adamowicz was devastated when her cat went missing, and after all these years, she never thought she’d see her cat again.


Boo the cat had been missing for 13 years

Adamowicz had actually put up missing posters in the lamp posts in her area in hopes that someone would actually notice the missing cat. Adamowicz is a step mother of two and Boo was considered to be a part of the family. But then earlier this week, Boo was taken to a vet by an unknown woman to be scanned for a chip. The chip was registered to Jane, who couldn’t believe the call she received.


Boo is reunited with her owner Janet Adamowicz

“I got a call on Thursday to say I had a cat missing. I said ‘I don’t think I do, they’re both here’ – but they said we’ve looked on the system it says you own a cat called Boo. I thought it was weird, but I couldn’t believe it when I got to the vets and they had her there – and she still remembered me. I don’t know where she had been, I think possibly a stray but kept being fed by strangers – or catching her own food.”

Boo was a little dehydrated and tired, but the cat was in good health. She was taken to Wicstun Vets in East Yorkshire by an unknown woman. According to the vet office, the cat had been found in Pocklington.

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Missing Cat Returned Home After 13 Years

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