Mom Has Sign Asking to Borrow Orange Cat

Mom makes public sign to borrow an orange cat to pose as Garfield

In Oklahoma City, a mother made signs as a last ditch effort and a plea to the public for a fat orange cat. She put up an ad on her local craigslist asking to borrow anyone’s orange cat for a day or two. She also printed signs of the same request and posted them all over town. The online posts and her posters in real life have since been shared on social media, where it quickly went viral.


A request for a fat orange cat

According to the husband of this mother, this all began when their 4-year old daughter started watching the old Garfield cartoons on TV. Soon their daughter was obsessed with the fat cat and she wanted to have one. She even wanted to eat lasagna because of the cat’s preference for the pasta dish.

“She asked one night if we could have lasagna. Four year olds don’t usually ask for new food. So we made lasagna and she broke into tears. She thought Garfield would be eating with us. So we told her we’ll try to get Garfield to come next time.” Since that heartbreaking moment, this little girl’s mother has been desperately trying to find an orange cat that she can pass off as Garfield.


Garfield, one of the most popular cats in the planet

The husband did say that they have been contacted by a couple who were willing to come over the next weekend so that they could share the company of their very own “fat orange cat.” The Garfield comic book was created by Jim Davis and debuted in 1978. It has since been printed in thousands of countries and holds the record for the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip. The comic strip spawned a TV series, which ran from 1988 to 1994 and a CGI TV show launched in 2007.

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Mom Has Sign Asking to Borrow Orange Cat

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