Neighbors Place Pet Door In Fence So Their Dogs Can Play Together

Two neighbors agree to build a pet door so their dogs can be together.

Tate and Vernon are two dogs that live next to each other. But despite living from the opposite sides of the fence, they have become great friends. They have even tried digging under the fence separating their yards so they can spend time with each other. This is something that their owners have noticed so one day, they both agreed to build a pet door in the fence so that the BFF dogs could visit each other anytime they wanted to.


Best friends Tate and Vernon

“I walk outside and catch them digging a tunnel to each other. We couldn’t get them to stop,” said Tate’s owner Hailee Graham, “We couldn’t keep them apart. They would just keep digging holes to each other.” And that’s when Graham got the idea to place a door in the middle of the fence. But not just any door, a pet door that both dogs could access.


A doggy door was installed in the fence

“Why not just put a door in the fence, so they can play whenever, and their humans don’t have to get involved?” she asked. Next, she pitched it to her neighbors who owned Vernon, and luckily, they loved the idea. The very next weekend, the new doggy door was installed in their fences. Since the door was installed, Tate and Vernon could be seen crossing to each other’s yards to play with each other any time they wanted.

“I hope that it encourages people to be more friendly with their neighbors, and encourage a sense of community,” Graham said. “It has worked out well for us so far.”

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Neighbors Place Pet Door In Fence So Their Dogs Can Play Together

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