One Eyed Cat Travels 230 Miles on The Bottom of Truck

Cat with one eye travels 230 miles under the bottom of a truck.

Earlier this week, a one-eyed cat named Lucy was on his way home after traveling 220 miles stuck under an articulated truck. The 12-year old cat was discovered by workers at a kitchen distribution depot at the edge of the town of Bristol. According to the driver of the truck, he had just travelled from a depot near Hull, and he actually thought that the cat didn’t make it alive.


One eyed cat named Lucy

According to the driver, the cat was unresponsive between the rear wheel arches of the trailer. A worker named Dan Cartwright said “The driver said ‘I think I hit and killed an animal, there’s something in there’, so we went to look. We thought he was dead and then, suddenly, he lifted up his head, so we called the RSPCA.”


Lucy was stuck under the truck for 220 miles

When the cat was examined, the RSPCA noticed that it was microchipped. This gave the RSPCA a clue about where exactly the cat had stowed away from. The owner of Lucy turned out to be Paul Smith of Goole, East Yorks. Incredibly, the cat had been stuck at the bottom of the truck for an entire 220 miles.

“He’s often going off and disappearing for a couple of days.” said Smith, “The first I knew he’d gone a bit further than normal was an appeal on Facebook.  I was absolutely over the moon to discover he had been safely found.” According to Smith, the cat originally got its name from his mother, who called the cat the name Lucy at first. The name stuck and that’s what they started calling her.

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One Eyed Cat Travels 230 Miles on The Bottom of Truck

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