One of the Largest Dogs Ever Gets New Home

Large breed of dog gets a new home

A large dog by the name of Chunkie has just been adopted to a new home. This wasn’t easy to accomplish, because Chunkie is a Boerboel breed of dog that weighs 150 pounds and has a 30-inch neck. It is a rare South African breed that is known for its immense size. Chunkie is a six year old that arrived at the Dogs Trust rescue center a few years ago. The dog is described as a gentle giant and very well behaved. But it was difficult finding a home for Chunkie because of his size.


A Boerboel named Chunkie

When the rescue center took on Chunkie, they had to get a special collar because they didn’t have one that would fit his massive neck. It is the third time that Dogs Trust has taken in a Boerboel, and luckily, they were able to find a home for this large canine. The rescue center takes care of at least 15,000 animals each year and finds homes for them. Chunkie was taken in by Joshua McKnight from Hampshire.


This 6-year old dog weighs 150 pounds and has a 30-inch neck.

“Of course the first thing you notice about Chunkie is his size.” Said Joshua, “But after a few meets with him, we soon realized he had an equally large personality to go with it. We’ve really fallen for him and can’t wait to take him home.” The Boerboel breed, also known as the South African Mastiff, can weigh upwards of 200 pounds or 90 KG. The dog was originally bred in South Africa as a guard dog, and farmers and companies used them to protect land and livestock from predators like lions and panthers.

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One of the Largest Dogs Ever Gets New Home

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