Paralyzed Cat Gets to Move Thanks to Homemade Wheelchair

Rescued cat gets his very own homemade wheelchair

A young cat that lived in New Jersey got a new lease on life after being outfitted his very own wheelchair. The cat, named Rocky, was found by a rescuer with his two hind legs paralyzed. To help Rocky move around and do normal cat things, he was outfitted with his own wheelchair so that he could scamper around the house like normal cats.


Rocky in his homemade wheelchair

“People say he’s so lucky you’re the one that found him because anyone else would have put him to sleep,” says his owner, Dawn Firestone, “It’s all handling and love, and the love I get back is beyond ridiculous.” Firestone told the story of Rocky, how he was born near where her husband works. The mother of the kitten carried him to the top of a machine and dropped him, where he fell 15 feet to the ground.

“He was full of grease, barely gasping for air every five seconds or so,” Firestone recalled. “My husband’s like, ‘You’re a very emotional person. If I bring him home and he passes away, you’ll be in bed for a week.’” Later they found out that he had suffered from a spinal cord injury that had damaged his hind legs. But Dawn wouldn’t give up on Rocky, and she placed all her time and effort in rehabilitating the feline.


Rocky suffered a spinal cord injury that had paralyzed his hind legs

“He’s never hissed, never bitten, never taken claws out,” Firestone said. “He loves to just cuddle into me,” said Firestone. She now hopes that the story of Rocky would inspire others to adopt animals that are in need of special care.

“As amazing as he is, cats like that would be euthanized and killed for no reason,” she said. “I’m waiting for the day somebody messages me and says, ‘I would have never adopted a special needs cat. Because of Rocky, I did.’”

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Paralyzed Cat Gets to Move Thanks to Homemade Wheelchair

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