Pet Owners are Sharing What their Pets Dating App Picture Would Be

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In social media, a pet owner asked other pet owners one very interesting request. He asked “If your pet was on a dating app, post the picture that would be their profile pic” This post led to several pet owners posting adorable and hilarious “profile pictures” of their pets as a response. The thread has since been shared and retweeted several times, eventually going viral.


“He has the best smile ever!”

The original tweet was of a cat staring into the distance. This inspired thousands of liked and other pet owners joined in posting the profile picture of their pets for their own fictional dating app. There was a picture of a kitten with his paws, while another shared a photo of a grinning dog with the caption “he has the best smile”. There is also a hilarious photo of a dog with a large ball in its mouth and another picture of a cat with chips and a remote lounging on a couch.


People have shared hilarious photos of their pets

The response has been overwhelming and more and more people are posting profile picture of their pets and adding it to the thread. “C’mon people, THIS is what the internet is for (non-human animal friends).” said one comment.  Another said: “Looking at this is my new full time job now.” Several others have just been encouraging other people with pets to get involved and post more photos.


This photo would not be too popular in a dating app

The original poster was Ricki Tarr with the Twitter handle @ShootyDooty. He was told it was a “brilliant idea for a thread” and people have given him the feedback that it was too much fun.

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Pet Owners are Sharing What their Pets Dating App Picture Would Be

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