Pilot Flies 750 Miles to Save a Dog

Pilot volunteers to fly a dog 750 miles to save its life.

A beagle named Lisa was rescued by the Granville County Animal Shelter in Oxford, North Carolina. She was found in the streets with a really bad bladder that prolapsed. Because of her condition, the vets that had diagnosed her to be too far gone, and it was recommended that she be euthanized. That was until the news reached a charity group and a volunteer pilot named Paul Steklenski.


Lisa the beagle was diagnosed with serious kidney problems.

The charity known as Animals R Family is an animal well center in Englishtown, New Jersey. The charity heard about Lisa and volunteered to shoulder the $1,500 cost of the operation. The only problem was that they needed to get Lisa from North Carolina to New Jersey before her kidneys gave out. They only had around 24 hours. That’s when Paul Steklenski stepped in. Steklenski is a pilot that works for the rescue organization called Flying Fur Animal Rescue. He volunteered to make the 750-mile trip, from his home in Pennsylvania to pick up Lisa in North Carolina and then deliver her to Westchester.


Paul Steklenski flew 750-miles to save Lisa.

“It was a very emotional rescue because of what was at stake. I was exhausted by the end of the day,” Steklenski said. “The trip was the difference between life and death but now, given the proper care, Adrienne (Lisa’s new name) will live a perfectly normal life.” Thanks to Steklenski, Lisa was able to make it on time for the operation and she is now recovering from a successful surgery. In a few days time, she will be ready for adoption.

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Pilot Flies 750 Miles to Save a Dog

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