Police Identify Missing Dog By His Favorite Song

Police confirm they have a missing dog by playing its favorite songs

Earlier this week, authorities in Israel found a husky dog. The dog matched the description of a missing husky reported a few days ago, but they could not be sure that it was the same one. To make sure that it was the same canine, they played the missing dog’s favorite song to see if the husky would sing along with it.


The missing husky “sings along” to his favorite song.

Surely enough, the dog howled along to the song as soon as it played. The song was the theme song to a popular Israeli sitcom entitled “Shemesh”. When the dog howled along to the song, the police knew that it was the missing dog that they were looking for. The dog was found with a group of teenagers who said that they found the dog malnourished and alone in a field. The teenagers were able to report the missing dog to police officers who were in patrol.

Aside from the Shemesh theme song, they also played another of the dog’s favorites, the “Arthur” theme song. And surely enough, the husky howled again. The officers soon passed on the good news to the owner of the dog. The owner was overjoyed and later that day their emotional reunion was captured on video and pictures.


The dog and his owner are reunited.

Dogs are known to have highly developed hearing sense. They can hear four times the distance of a human, and they can detect higher pitched sounds and sounds with a higher frequency. This is one of the reasons why they remember and recognize their favorite sounds and songs.

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Police Identify Missing Dog By His Favorite Song

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