Puppies Lead Cops on Highway Dog Chase

A pair of puppies led police on dog chase along highway

Earlier this week, a pair of wild dogs stopped traffic along an Arizona highway when they managed to escape and made a run for it onto the busy road. The two dogs were both white and could be seen running away from authorities, including police officers, firefighters, and even civilians trying to help. The section of highway was implemented with several roadblocks to prevent accidents and injury.


Two escaped dogs stop traffic at an Arizona highway

“We got a call from a concerned motorist of two dogs running on the freeway,” said state trooper Kameron Lee. While the two dogs were relatively small, they could cause several accidents from cars swerving to avoid them or cars suddenly stopping or changing direction if and when the dogs suddenly run in front of the cars.

Eventually one of the dogs was cornered and captured along the freeway. The other one managed to escape and ran into a mobile home park. Although it took a few more hours to track down and capture the puppy, they were able to do so with the help of the residents there. The two dogs were taken to an animal shelter where they were treated for wounds and ailments. One of them had an eye infection.


The two puppies are now in an animal shelter

“Once they realized that everybody around them was nice and not going to hurt them, they just loved us.” said an employee of the shelter. In fact the two dogs have actually become a hit in the shelter with their friendly demeanor and playful attitude. “They’re really friendly dogs.” added the shelter. If the owners of the dogs don’t come forward, the dogs will eventually be put up for adoption.

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Puppies Lead Cops on Highway Dog Chase

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