Puppies Rescued After Being Left on Remote Island

Small dogs that were abandoned on a remote Canadian Island were rescued.

Earlier this week, a group of seven puppies were discovered in a tiny island in Manitoba, Canada. The litter was rescued after a boater near the town of Cross Keys found them. It is believed that the puppies were left in the island and abandoned. The boater contacted Norway House Animal Rescue, who then began to hatch up a plan to get the dogs back to safety.


Seven puppies were left in a remote island in Manitoba, Canada

The director of the animal shelter, Deb Vandekerkhove, said that the boat driver first noticed that there was a noise coming from the island the night before. The next day he went to check it out and found that the noise was actually puppies on the island. All the young dogs that were rescued from the island will be available for adoption at the Norway House Animal Rescue.

“He (the boater) and his friend were out and it was getting dark already, and they heard some noises on the island,” said the director, “They took their binoculars and they couldn’t see anything but some dark shadows, and they heard a bunch of crying. They thought originally it was wolves.”


The puppies were taken to an animal shelter where they will be put up for adoption

The dogs were taken care of by the boater for several days until they were rescued from the island. The boater would deliver food so that they would not starve. The puppies have since been transported to Winnipeg, where they will be available for adoption.

“They were a little bit skittish at first when the volunteers that went up there found them on the island,” said Jessica Boeckler, the adoption coordinator at Norway House, “It did take them a little bit of time to gain their trust, but with food anything is possible with hungry dogs right?”

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Puppies Rescued After Being Left on Remote Island

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