Rescuers Think They Found a Talking Dog

Rescuers in England think they found a talking dog

Earlier this week, a missing dog was rescued after his rescuers said that the dog supposedly “told” them that he wanted to go home. The missing dog was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was found in Rufford last week. The dog was named by his rescuers as “George” because the dog was like the curious monkey from the cartoon.


“George” the talking dog

One of the volunteer animal rescuers, Sheryl Flint from Southport, said that she did not believe that the dog was just abandoned and she offered to take care of the dog while they were looking for its owner. But according to Flint, the dog was always in distress because of being away from home and he was always crying and barking.

One of the outbursts of the dog was captured on video, and Sheryl swears it sounds like the dog is saying “home” over and over. The video has been shared on social media, where it quickly went viral. It has been viewed more than 130,000 times already.


The dog’s barks sounded like he was saying home

“He kept crying, it was like he was trying to find his family,” said Sheryl, “When he barked it also sounded like he was saying ‘home’. I could tell he was loved. I told the council I was prepared to keep him for 28 days, as we all know if ‘George’ goes to kennels seven days later he would be difficult to re-home. Kennels are overflowing: at least with us he stands a chance.”

Then last Sunday, Sheryl received a call from a woman who saw the photos and claimed to be the dog’s owner. She said that the dog’s real name was Lennox. George/Lennox has since been reunited with his family.

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Rescuers Think They Found a Talking Dog

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