Rusty The Dog Heads Home After 1,500 Km Journey

The little dog traveled 1,500 kilometers from to get from Queensland to South Australia.

Rusty the Australian terrier went missing earlier this month from the cattle property of Scott Scudamore at Goondiwindi, found in the border of Queensland and New South Wales. After about a week, Scott received a phone call from Snowtown, South Australia, which is more than 1,500 kilometers away. It turns out that Rusty was being taken care of by a family there after a truck driver found the dog in his truck’s cabin on his way home.


Rusty the Australian terrier on his way home.

Scudamore and his family made an appeal on social media asking help from anyone who is passing through the area to drop Rusty off.  Luckily a pet transport company offered to take Rusty home to his owners. Scudamore said that he and his family is looking forward to welcoming back their adventurous dog.

“We’re very excited to have him back. I mean he’s a special little dog and he’s very dear to our family but he’s still a naughty little bugger,” Scudamore said. Heather Reid, who is the wife of Paul McDowell who found Rusty in his truck, said she enjoyed the company of the dog. According to McDowell when he found the dog he put him on his pillow and he just slept under the air-con the entire time.


Rusty with Heather Reid in Snowtown

According to the Reid’s family, Rusty has been a great company for them and their five-month old French mastiff. The family had recently lost another dog in an accident, and Rusty did well to cheer them up. This also isn’t the first time that Rusty got lost along the highway. Two years ago he was found once again in Chincialla, more than 200 kilometers from home.

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Rusty The Dog Heads Home After 1,500 Km Journey

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