Sassy Dog Becomes an Internet Sensation

Sassy dog with viral video is now an internet celebrity

A sassy dog named Alfie is now making waves on the internet with his latest online video. The dog’s owner posted a six-second clip on twitter that featured the white-furred Shih Tsu lying on the floor when he suddenly turns around with an intense and serious stare. This clip was captioned by the owner as “Sassy dog” to describe the funny attitude of the canine.


Alfie the Shih Tsu is now an internet star

“I’ve literally been crying at this for 4 hours. I can’t deal – if this doesn’t make you happy, nothing will.” said Amy Boyce, the owner of Alfie, in the video caption. The video was posted in February 19 and has since been liked close to 40,000 times and retweeted for close to 20,000 times. There have also been several comments from people who just loved the sassy attitude of Alfie the dog.


Alfie’s social media pages now have a strong following

Alfie has made several videos in the past with some of them featuring the dog in all sorts of moods and attitudes, but this one was different in that he became an internet sensation. Some of the comments have praised the cute canine and have been asking for more videos of the sassy dog. But with such a strong fan base already forming around the dog’s social media pages, it won’t be long before the next viral video of this sassy dog will be posted.

“That dog is hotter than Emily Ratajakwoski.” said one comment, comparing the adorable dog to the famous sassy mode.

“When I think I will stop laughing it strikes it again and I’m sent off! Omg this is the bet” read another comment.

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Sassy Dog Becomes an Internet Sensation

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