Sheepdog Puppy Leads Entire Flock Into Owner’s Home

Puppy in England herds sheep into his family’s living room.

Dogs can show affection in their own way. One of the most common gestures is when they bring home things from the outside to show to their master. We’ve all experienced or heard about the time a dog brought home a dead mouse. But this Border collie in the UK took things to a different level when he brought home an entire flock of sheep inside his owner’s home.


Rocky the overachieving Border collie.

Rocky is a young Border collie sheepdog in Devon, England. He is basically just a puppy when she started to train how to herd the family sheep. Rocky’s owner Rosalyn says she was working in the kitchen when she heard strange noises coming from inside the house. When she went into the living room she was shocked to see Rocky had lead nine sheep right into their house.


Rosalyn found nine sheep in her house.

“My son and husband had gone out into the field, and the gate was left open. Rocky got them out and led them to the house,” said Rosalyn. She looked to Rocky and found him proudly wagging his tail at his accomplishment. It seems that the dog thought that bringing the sheep right into the home was something normal and expected. “Rocky did look quite pleased with himself, but he’s going to need more training,”

“He brought a whole new meaning to ‘bringing the sheep home’.” she added. Rosalyn later posted a video of the sheep in her home on Facebook, where it quickly went viral. Despite this gaffe, Border collies are considered to be among the best breeds for herding sheep and taking care of a large flock. They are considered by many as one of the most intelligent breeds of domesticated dogs, although this recent stunt by Rocky doesn’t help the case.

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Sheepdog Puppy Leads Entire Flock Into Owner’s Home

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