Snapchat Finally adds Filters for Cats

Filters previously only worked on humans and dogs

Earlier this week, Snapchat officially introduced filters that are made especially for cats. The popular photo messaging app is known for its many filters that can be applied to photos and live videos. There have been filters for humans and dogs, but this is the first time they will be featuring filters for cats. The news was announced in an update in the official twitter account of Snapchat.


Snapchat announces new filters for cats

“Lenses. For cool cats and their cool cats. Try them meow,” the company wrote on Twitter. Along with the news, they also previewed several new filters including flowers, flower crowns, wings, devil wings, glasses, unicorn horns and animal ears. The apps filters have only worked on dogs in the past. Filter creator Chris Higa said on twitter that “they’ve always worked for dogs”, but they were now opening up to cats on the app.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement was met with excitement from cat lovers and cat owners all over the world. Several social media users have already started using the filters and posting photo shoots of their felines in several of the new filters. To be able to use the new filters, Snapchat users simply click on their pet’s face through the lens of the app, which will then bring up lenses with a paw icon on them.


Several cat owners have already posted photos of filtered felines

“The sun is shining. The sky is blue. Snapchat has filters tailored for you and your cat. TGIF, everyone,” said one user on twitter alongside a picture of their cat with a flowers and glasses filter.

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Snapchat Finally adds Filters for Cats

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