Soldier Surprises Dog with What the Fluff Challenge Homecoming

Dog is surprised with What the Fluff Challenge by returning owner

When it comes to dogs and their owners, nothing beats a great reunion. So when one of the soldiers from Fort Bragg found that that he was coming home to see his dog, he wanted to do something special. There have been a lot of trends with dogs, but one of the most recent and the most popular has been the “What the Fluff” viral videos. And they decided to use that to surprise their dog.


Zephyr and a unique What the Fluff challenge

Dog owner Kevin was posted in the base Fort Bragg for nine months for the Special Forces Qualification course. He was away from his family and friends, and he was also away from his 4-year old Golden Retriever, Zephyr. When Kevin found out he was coming home, he decided to surprise his dog by using the “What the Fluff” challenge.

The “What the Fluff” challenge involves fooling a dog into thinking their owner disappears with the use of a blanket and a doorway. It has been a viral video that many pet owners have tried and posted on social media. But with Kevin, he wanted to do the opposite and show his dog the reappearance of his owner. They started the video with Zephyr in front of a doorway while a friend held a blanket covering everything but his face. Then he throws up the blanket, and typically it reveals that the person has disappeared.


Kevin and his dog Zephyr are reunited

But in this instance when the blanket fell, standing in the doorway is Kevin and a very shocked Zephyr. The dog immediately runs to his master as they enjoy a very happy reunion. In the video that was posted online, you could clearly see the ecstatic dog celebrate the return on his master.

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Soldier Surprises Dog with What the Fluff Challenge Homecoming

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