Standing Grey Fat Cat Goes Viral

Bruno the cat goes viral for his sassy attitude and stance

An adorable fat cat has been trending lately because of its sassy attitude and its preference to stand on its hind legs. Despite its unique quirks, this cat, named Bruno, has yet to find someone to adopt him. The picture of the 7-year old grey feline was posted on social media by Wright Way Rescue, a not-for-profit no-kill animal shelter in Morton Grove, Illinois. Bruno’s photos have since gone viral.


Bruno, the lazy fat cat likes to stand on his hind legs

Aside from his weight and his odd behavior, Bruno is also a polydactyl, meaning he has extra toes on his feet. The 25-pound cat was overweight when he was taken in by the animal shelter, which could be the reason why he was given up by his previous owner. Bruno was also described by the shelter as a lazy cat who just wants to be in the presence of its owners. The cat has since been placed on a diet by the shelter.

“We don’t believe it’s due to any medical issues,” a worker of the shelter said about his standing on his hind legs, “Just a fun trick! Sadly he did not mesh well with their kids,” the worker said. “We believe because of his weight, he likely wouldn’t be able to scurry away quickly from commotion like cats of a healthy weight are able to do.”


The 7-year old grey cat is looking to get adopted

“This usually happens when I want food. No, my foster parents did not teach me this. They are not sure how I learned,” the post reads as Bruno voice. “I am walking, playing, and doing tricks like this to lose some weight. I also really like playing with my feather wand toy. Not so much my other toys or scratchers, though. I like to be pet on the top of my head and spine only. I know my tummy is so tempting to touch, but I would prefer if you didn’t. I may swat my hand and pretend to bite if you do.”

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Standing Grey Fat Cat Goes Viral

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