Stray Dog Gets Medal after Running Marathon

Stray dog in Australia gets medal after running a half marathon

In West Australia, a stray dog was honored with a medal after it ran a half marathon and competed in the race with other runners. The dog, named Stormy, lives around an aboriginal community nearby. He just suddenly showed up at the Goldfields Pipeline Marathon, which began six hours outside of Perth. The dog even socialized with a few runners before the race.


Stormy with his fellow runners

“We get the air horn out and say ‘Go,’ and off he goes with everybody,” said marathon volunteer, Allison Hunter. While the running canine did not take the race seriously and was more inclined to saying hi to his fellow racers and visiting the different stations on the race, the officials estimated that the dog finished the race in two and half hours, incredibly matching the average race time for most of the runners.

But before the dog could cross the finish line, he was picked up by rangers and he was taken to a pound, where he would wait for his owners for seven days before he is put up for adoption. Several runners have already shown interest in adopting Stormy. Hunter and Grant Wholey, the race organizer, stopped by the pound to reward the dog with his own race medal.


Stormy running the race

“We thought he deserved a medal since he had done the whole thing,” Wholey said. Organizers have also said that this may be Stormy’s last race since the route will be an animal-free zone in next year’s marathon. But Stormy might still attend, only this time only as a spectator.

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Stray Dog Gets Medal after Running Marathon

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