Stray Dog Rescues Woman from Mugging in Viral Video

Footage appears to show stray dog saving a woman from being mugged

Earlier this week, footage of what appeared to be a stray dog rescuing a woman from a mugger went viral. The video was captured in the country of Montenegro located in the former Yugoslavia. It shows a hooded man following a woman down the street when he suddenly tries to steal her bag. But a stray dog that was near the woman went to defend the woman and chased the mugger away.


A mugger trying to steal a woman’s handbag.

The video was taken in the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica and has since gone viral with thousands of shares in Facebook and YouTube. The dog was said to be named Medo, which means teddy bear in the local language. The video clearly shows the dog chasing after the robber snapping at his ankles as he ran away from the dog.


Medo chasing away the mugger.

After Medo successfully chases away the mugger, he is seen walking back to the woman, seemingly to check if she is okay. It is not known where the dog came from of where he got his name, but many are clamoring for the brave canine to be adopted. While there are many that have praised the dog and its actions in defense of the woman, there are those that are skeptical of the video and seem to think that the entire thing was staged. In any case, all can agree that the dog in the video is remarkable, either for his bravery and kindness, or his ability to act on cue in front of the camera.


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Stray Dog Rescues Woman from Mugging in Viral Video

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