Terrier Goes Crazy for Sliced Bread

Terrier bounces up and down for a piece of toasted bread

Earlier this week, video of an adorable terrier going bonkers for a piece of toast went viral. The toy box terrier was named Cooper, and he was captured on video by his owners bouncing up and down for a peek at one piece of sliced bread toast that his owners had on the table for breakfast. The terrier’s determination and love for the toast has made him an internet sensation.


Cooper getting excited for a piece of bread

According to the owners of Cooper, Kelly Auger and Bob Warner, the 2-year old terrier has always had a strange infatuation with bread since he was just a small puppy. It doesn’t even matter what kind of bread, he likes them all. But Cooper seems to prefer toast the most. In this one morning, they were able to capture Cooper’s excitement at the possibility of toast for breakfast.


Cooper will jump up and down until he gets his bread fix

“As soon as he sees bread, he will repeatedly jump until we give in to him and share a slice,” Auger said. “He is content with every meal – as long as he has bread. Cooper has always been a playful dog,” she added, “He will jump on the spot for a long while before stopping for a short break.” Auger also said that the dog has always had energetic tendencies since he was a puppy, but he gets extra excitement whenever they had bread for a meal.

Terriers are known for their small stature but amazing jumping ability and great energy. They are great pets for indoors because of their size but also for outdoors because of their energetic personality.

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Terrier Goes Crazy for Sliced Bread

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