The Viral Snoot Challenge

The newest doggy viral challenge involves their snouts

The previous viral dog video was fooling pet dogs with the “magic blanket” that made their master disappear. But this latest viral video is actually a challenge that requires a little bit of training. It is called the Snoot Challenge and it involves owners making shapes with their hands and having their dogs insert their noses or snouts inside the shape.


The newest viral trend, the “Snoot Challenge”

The snoot challenge has gone viral and dog owners from all over the world are posting videos of their dogs and their cute snouts. But the challenge is not as easy as it sounds. Inserting their snouts into holes is not something that dogs naturally do. Their noses are particularly sensitive, and it takes a lot of training to pull off this challenge. But if you have previously trained your dog the touch command of touching their nose or snout to your hand, then you’re halfway there.

It sounds like a simple challenge, but there are actually a lot of variations to the snoot challenge. Most people make simple circles with their hands, and there are some that make triangles with their thumbs and index fingers. But one popular “loop” has been making a heart shape with your hands and having their dogs insert their snouts and noses.


Making heart signs for the challenge

But if you can’t train you pet to do the challenge, that’s no reason to not join the viral trend. Among the most popular videos are the hilarious and adorable snoot challenge fails. There are also those pet owners the post the difficulty of pulling off the challenge with dogs with short snouts such as pugs and bulldogs.

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The Viral Snoot Challenge

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