This Cat Loves to Ride Its Horse

Louis the cat and Comet the pony are best friends

In a stable in Devon, England, a strange pairing was made when Comet the pony and Louis the cat decided to be best friends. Despite being so different in shape and size, they seem to get along together and the two are inseparable. Comet even lets little Louis ride on his saddle every once in a while. Comet’s trainer even finds the two nuzzling up together at night.


Comet the pony and Louis the cat

According to the trainer, Emma Massingale, Louis walks across a stone partition to enter the stable and nuzzles up to Comet during the night. During the day, he often jumps on the pony’s back where Comet is more than willing to take his pal for a ride. Massingale has taken a video that shows the two friends taking a stroll through the woods, crossing a bridge, and walking through a stream, before heading back.


Comet takes Louis out for a ride.

“It all started when I was riding Comet and I would just tap my leg and Louis would jump on,” Massingale said, “Now all I have to do is tap Comet’s back and Louis is straight there. He doesn’t need any more encouragement than that. Louis rides whenever he likes really.” The trainer also says that Louis doesn’t like riding in the rain, but will go to Comet when he is in the stable instead.

“I often find them nuzzling up together. I think horses like cats because they’re so playful but Comet really likes Louis. It’s nice for them to be able to take in the scenery together and Louis is really confident up there. When he has had enough he’ll just jump off,” she said. “People often do a double take when they see him out, but lots don’t notice him, until he meows,” she added.

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This Cat Loves to Ride Its Horse

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