Toddler and Deaf Great Dane are Inseparable

Echo the deaf Great Dane is inseparable from her best friend 17-month old Jennie.

Marion Dwyer became pregnant with her first child shortly after adopting her deaf Great Dane Echo. She said she actually first knew she was expecting when Echo would always lie down on her stomach. Dwyer said at the time that Echo would be the baby’s best friend, and as it turned out, she really became that. Dwyer’s daughter Jennie is now 17 months old, and she has grown up with Echo. Dwyer says that the two have a very special bond and they are inseparable.


Echo the Great Dane rolling around in the grass.

“In the morning the first thing she says is, ‘Doggie,’ and in the evening she puts the dog in the bed,” Dwyer said. “I didn’t expect them to be that inseparable. She gets upset if she doesn’t get to walk the dog. She even holds his leash if she is in the stroller. They are always near each other.”

Dwyer adopted Echo, who was deaf and has limited sight. The dog’s previous owner thought about putting the dog down because of her disabilities, but Dwyer decided to adopt the dogs herself. Dwyer and her family have two other Great Danes. Dwyer said that just because dogs have disabilities, it does not mean that they do not deserve to be adopted. Echo now has a family and a best friend for life with little Jennie.


Echo with her best friend little Jennie Dwyer

“She will wave Echo over to her when she wants her to come and she knows how to offer her a treat, she likes to sneak her breakfast waffles and apple slices,” Dwyer said. “Jennie knows the sign for food so she’ll sign it to Echo. I didn’t expect that at all.”

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Toddler and Deaf Great Dane are Inseparable

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