Toddler and Her Giant Poodle Go Viral

The friendship of this 2-year old and her poodle go viral on social media

A 2-year old toddler named Mame, and her best friend, a white poodle Riku, have recently been trending on social media because of their bond and friendship. The account on Instagram, which is run by her grandmother, is called tamanegi.qoo.riku. Here, they post pictures of the pair as they do various daily things. The adorable couple has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, and it just keeps growing each week.


Mame and her giant poodle Riku

In social media, they are known as Mame and her giant poodle friend Riku. In truth Riku is actually not that big. In fact, according to a kennel, the poodle is actually the standard size for his breed. But whenever he is next to Mame, he looks enormous. But that just makes the two look even cuter when they are photographed together.

The two best friends do almost everything together. They have pictures eating together, playing games, taking naps, and even reading together, although both of them aren’t capable of reading yet. Some of their best moments have gone viral getting thousands of views and shares. This includes photos of the two together enjoying the outdoors.


Mame and Riku have over 400,000 followers on Instagram

But the photos that are the most popular are the ones when the two dress up in different costumes and get ups. Fort the past Halloween, they dressed as a Victorian couple, with Mame wearing a Victorian dress and Riku donning a gentleman’s bowler hat. Despite their bond, Riku is actually not the only dog in the house. He’s not even the only poodle in the house. Mame’s grandmother actually has two other poodles, named Gaku and Qoo, although Riku gets the most attention from little Mame.

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Toddler and Her Giant Poodle Go Viral

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