Toddlers Play Fetch with Neighbors Dog Despite Fence

Toddlers play fetch with a dog across a fence

A viral video of two toddlers playing a unique game of fetch went viral earlier this week. These two tikes in Savage, Minnesota would play a game with one of their neighbor’s dogs. But the only catch is that they were separated by a fence. But that didn’t stop the boys or the canine from enjoying a game of catch together. The video has since been shared on social media where it quickly went viral.


Landon playing with Dozer

It all started when the 3-year old son of Erin Richter, Landon, discovered that when he threw a ball over to the fence of their neighbor, the dog, a Labrador retriever named Dozer, would grab the ball and give it back. This was the beginning of an elaborate game of catch between the two. In the video, you can actually see Dozer peek his head through the fence and drop the ball from his mouth.

Richter has since posted a video of this unconventional game of catch of her son and the neighbor’s dog. And it isn’t just the two playing anymore. Landon’s friend Conway has also joined in the fun of playing catch. The two just keep throwing the ball over the fence and good old Dozer will always bring the ball back.


An unusual game of catch

“My son plays with him every time they are both outside,” Richter said. As for the owner of Dozer, she says that she is aware that her dog often plays with the kids in the neighborhood. She says that she knows Dozer has been out playing because sometimes he comes inside out of breath. She said it takes a lot of energy to keep up with his toddler playmates.

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Toddlers Play Fetch with Neighbors Dog Despite Fence

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