Unadoptable Dog Becomes First Deaf K9

A dog that was once called unadoptable is now Washington’s first deaf K9.

Ghost is a white pit bull mix dog. He was called Ghost because of his clean white fur, but also because of his quiet behavior. You see, Ghost is deaf. But this doesn’t mean that he is shy. Ghost has an overabundance of energy because of his deafness. This spirited demeanor has led several animal control officials to deem Ghost as unadoptable. But the canine overcame all over that and became the first deaf K9 unit in Washington State.


Ghost, a white pit bull mix, is also deaf.

Aside from his energy, Ghost would also have a hard time being trained and owners would have to find more difficult ways to communicate with the dog because he was deaf. The Swamp Haven Humane wanted to give him another chance so they reached out to several animal shelters around the country. The Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Port Angeles decided to take him in. That’s where Ghost met longtime dog trainer Barb Davenport and everything changed.


Ghost with longtime dog trainer Barb Davenport

Davenport is a great dog trainer and she saw Ghost’s limitations as a challenge. She said that she feels that the best part of her job is taking on dogs that have a hard time finding a home and working with them so that they could find a place in the community. After weeks of training, Davenport was able to train Ghost as a K9 unit.

Ghost is now living with his new handler, Joe Henderson, where he is continuing his training as a narcotics detection dog for the Washington Department of Corrections. Ghost will be the first deaf dog in the history of Washington State’s K-9 unit.

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Unadoptable Dog Becomes First Deaf K9

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