Veterinarian Housed Many Animals During Wildfire Evacuations

Utah pet vet housed many animals during wildfire evacuations

When the wildfires went out of control in Utah a few months ago, a lot of families and individuals had to leave their homes. Aside from the threat of losing everything they owned, the fire also threatened their lives and so they had no choice but to leave. With all these people moving, there were also a lot of pets that were displaced and even left behind; some had to be kept at an animal hospital.


The Payson Family Pet Hospital in Utah

But thanks to the Payson Family Pet Hospital, most of the pets and animals had somewhere to go to. The animal shelter and hospital had to double the normal capacity of the animals as the residents of the cities of Elk Ridge and Woodland Hills had to be evacuated. People began bringing their pets for boarding when the evacuations were announced. The hospital was boarding 75 dogs, cats, and even rabbits during the evacuations. The maximum capacity for the center was only 40 animals. But they could not turn down these creatures that had nowhere else to go.


Despite being beyond capacity, the shelter took in all the animals

“The halls were full, and we set up kennels throughout the break room, anywhere we had extra space.” said the Payson Family Pet Hospital office manager Melissa Salisbury, “Volunteers brought down temporary kennels and little gates. It was like a maze.” There were no charges for most of the animal that stayed the week, but many animals had to be kept in small spaces because of the capacity. Thankfully most of the animals were claimed by their owners after a few weeks.

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Veterinarian Housed Many Animals During Wildfire Evacuations

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