Wild Horses in North Carolina Survive Hurricane Florence

North Carolina's wild horse herd survived Hurricane Florence

In the wake of the Hurricane Florence, a large part of the population was in danger. But many people don’t realize that the storm also placed the lives of other creatures in danger. Among the most affected by the storm would be the wild horse herds that live without cover or protection in North Carolina. But a recent report has accounted for some the wild horses and has declared part of the herd to be safe.


The wild horse herds of North Carolina

Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Corolla Wild Horse Fund, and Rachel Carson Reserve have all confirmed that the wild horse populations are safe. These organizations are held responsible for the safety of these animals, and they declared them to be safe through announcements in social media.

“So far it’s been business as usual for them, out grazing in all the normal spots. The horses are back out at all their usual haunts,” said Meg Puckett, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund herd manager. Sue Stuska also said that the horses were “highly sensitive to weather changes and instinctively know what to do in a storm.”


The wild horses are said to be safe after the Hurricane Florence

“Naturally, they are meant to be outside and they have high ground and they have thick places to hide,” Stuska said. “Don’t worry about them. They’ve survived for hundreds of years, and we expect that they’ll be just fine.” Around 30 different horses have been seen and so far, all of the equine creatures appear to be healthy and acting normally. But a formal survey of the entire herd has not been made, as they are more than a hundred individual horses that make the wild horse herd.

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Wild Horses in North Carolina Survive Hurricane Florence

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