Woman Finds Dog That was Lost 19 Days in the Wilderness

Woman reunited with her lost dog that was lost for 19 days in Colorado wilderness

21-year old Samantha Orr suffered a tragedy when she lost her mother in a traffic accident. Their jeep had fallen 600 feet down a mountainside in Colorado. Samantha was severely injured and was airlifted by rescuers to get emergency medical attention. Their 1-year old Golden Retriever Poodle mix was nowhere to be found after the crash.


1-year old Bentley was lost for 19 days

“We were just driving along having a conversation and the next thing we knew we were going over the edge,” Samantha said in an interview. When Samantha was released from the hospital, she returned to the scene of the crash to look for the dog. She was still grieving the loss of her mother but she also wanted to make sure that her dog made it after the crash.

Orr distributed missing dog flyers around the area and created a Facebook group called “Bring Bentley Home” in hopes that information or tips could help in tracking down the dog. It was over two weeks since the accident and Samantha was just hoping that her dog somehow got taken in by strangers. But after 19 days, Bentley was spotted in the mountain terrain near the crash site. Bentley was nervous and skittish, even towards his owner, but eventually the dog returned to Samantha, who was overcome with joy.


Samantha Orr overcome with joy with being reunited with Bentley

“And from then it was nothing but tears and celebration!” Samantha wrote on Facebook. “Bentley is okay, he’s a little malnourished and dehydrated. But otherwise no noticeable injuries. Thank you to everyone who played a role in bringing this sweet boy home. I know the past 19 days God and my beautiful momma have been keeping an eye on him.”

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Woman Finds Dog That was Lost 19 Days in the Wilderness

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