Woman Gets Drunk and Accidentally Kidnaps a Dog

Woman gets drunk and kidnaps a dog for the third time

When most people get out and drink they have a tendency to do stupid things. This young woman took things to a different level when she accidentally stole a dog while under the influence of alcohol. What makes this even more peculiar is the fact that this is, in fact, the third time that the woman took a dog home while having a little bit too much to drink.


Toni Robinson on Snapchat

When Toni Robinson woke up after a night of drinking, she found out that she had drunkenly taken a stranger’s dog home. According to reports, the dog was without a leash and was wandering the streets when Robinson found her. She immediately returned the dog to her rightful owner and shared the experience on Snapchat, where it quickly went viral. She even showed photos of the dog that she mistakenly took home.


The borrowed dog they named “Violet”

The dog, who they decided to name Violet, was an adorable and friendly dog that seemingly had no problem staying with Robinson for the night. Violet was also the third dog that she had taken while drunk. Thankfully all three dogs were returned immediately when Robinson was sober the next day. Robinson talked about how sorry she was at the hilarious habit. She even took to naming her drunk dog-kidnapping alter-ego as Patricia.

People have shared the video of Robinson and her strange drunken habits. While others are horrified at her drunken actions, some find the entire situation hilarious. Others shared how thankful they were that the dogs were eventually returned and had a good time with a night out with Patricia.

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Woman Gets Drunk and Accidentally Kidnaps a Dog

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