Woman in Senior Living Center Feeds Homeless Cats

Woman in senior living center feeds cats everyday

For the past 10 years, an old lady has taken time to feed a group of homeless cats near the park of the senior living center in San Jose, California. The old woman was approached by a woman named Rita Rama, who decided to meet the elderly woman and share her story on social media. Rama would visit the park during the weekends with her family and that is where she first noticed the old woman.


An elderly woman feeding stray cats

“Every Saturday our family heads to a park in San Jose. We always notice an older woman who walks towards the side of the park with her walker with bags and bottles. She parks her walker in the corner and lays out some paper plates and pours some cat food and water. While she does this a community of homeless cats come from all corners and begins to eat.” wrote Rama on her post.


The elderly woman, known as Evan, lived in a nearby home

“She watches them, pets them, and then goes back home to a senior center next door. Today, my daughter and I watched quietly from afar. We finally had a chance to meet this kind woman. Her name is Evan. She has lived at the senior center for 10 years. She feeds the community cats every day, rain or shine. These cats have been left behind by her neighbors. She tries to have them neutered and find homes for them.”

“I’ve done this for 10 years. I was raised to follow through with commitments, including those to our pets.” says Evan, “Currently there are 14 cats under her care and she is worried for them as some are still not fixed and she struggles with finding homes.”

Because of the social media post, several people from out of the state have offered to help with food and costs of taking care of the cats. Thanks to Rama and Evan and all the volunteers, the cats will be in good hands for the foreseeable future.

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Woman in Senior Living Center Feeds Homeless Cats

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