Woman Replaces Sister’s Ex-boyfriend with Pet Cat in Family Photos

Woman replaces pictures of her sister’s former boyfriend with pictures of the family cat

One of the hardest things to deal with when breaking up is getting rid of all the pictures that have your ex in them. Sadly this includes all the group pictures with family members and friends. But this woman found a way to salvage the family photos and still get rid of pictures of her sister’s ex-flame. She edited him out and replaced him with pictures of the family cat, Woofy.


The ex-boyfriend was replaced by the family cat, Woofy

When 27-year old Chloe Forsberg from Southampton, England broke up with her boyfriend of four years, her sister Emily thought it would be best to look at old pictures to see what they should get rid of. But instead of getting rid of the pictures, Emily instead replaced the ex with pictures of their family cat. The best part was that she didn’t even use Photoshop to edit him out, she just used Microsoft Paint. The photos were posted on social media where it quickly went viral.


The sister used Microsoft Paint to edit out the ex

“My cousin got married and my boyfriend — we were together four years — he was in all the official pictures,” Forsberg said, “When we broke up six months (after the wedding), my sister thought it’d be fun to replace him with a picture of my cat. It was a joke, really. I felt a bit bad to have the pictures ruined with photos of him. But my sister made me feel a bit better about it.”

“We kind of grew up with him,” she said. “No hard feelings toward my ex-boyfriend!” Forsberg said. “We spoke about it and we had a laugh. Some people thought it was a bit of a cruel thing, but he found it funny!”

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Woman Replaces Sister’s Ex-boyfriend with Pet Cat in Family Photos

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